A 2021 Report Card and 12 Challenges for 2022

10 minute read


Happy New Year! Yesterday marked precisely one year since my first post on this blog. Admittedly, I haven’t written many posts since then, per se (exactly 2). But the site, like myself, has developed a lot. Here’s a brief post-mortem of last year’s resolutions, and a set of new and informed goals for 2022.

Long Runs

3 minute read


I just finished a long run. No, I didn’t do track and field, so my “long run” is probably not impressive to you—I don’t care. Friend me on Nike Running Club if you’re curious about the distance.

Resolutions for 2021

less than 1 minute read


I have a poor record with New Year’s resolutions. I trust that nailing them to this site will keep me accountable (or, at very least, punish my failure with shame).

A 2020 Review

5 minute read


This year’s theme is habit-building.