2022 Reflections, 2023 Targets

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It’s that time of the year again. I’m more grumpy this time around. An update to last year’s resolutions.

2022 Grades

1. Stand. ❌ **Fail**. I wanted to stand while working. This turns out to be a literal pain in the ass. I bought a standing desk but pretty quickly gave up.
2. Read for cheap. ✅ **Partial Pass**. I did buy a Kindle and pirate/read lots of e-books. But I didn't do so nearly as much as I had hoped. I also recently discovered [Second Story Books](https://www.secondstorybooks.com/).
3. Cold, hard meditation. ❌ **Fail**. I stopped meditating when I got to school. Cold showers are sporadic, and I'm definitely distracted by podcasts while showering.
4. Text 1st. ✅ **Partial Pass**. I do text more. Probably not my default, but I'll give an A for effort.
5. Owl to lark. ❌ **Fail**. All the sunrises I saw were right before bedtime.
6. Regular running. ❌ **Fail**. I did run more in the spring, but not nearly as much as I wished.
7. Gains. ✅ **Pass**. I was quite good about this. Benched 300!
8. Clean. ✅ **Partial Pass**. My *own* room was quite clean, but I've been a very messy roommate. Will need to work on that.
9. Bye-bye boba. ❌ **Fail**. Sipping a matcha boba as I write this.
10. Journaling. ❌ **Fail**. I did keep a decent daily reflection habit, but I don't write on a consistent basis.
11. Social eating. ✅ **Pass**. I did make eating much more a social activity. I think probably ate most meals with people when I ate out.
12. Saying no. ✅ **Pass**. No more teaching, debate stuff, club commitments–Fall 2022 was just for classes, research, and friends. And it was nice!

Counting partial passes for half, I scored a 4.5/12. Still in C range, but doing better.

2023 Resolutions

Some measurable goals this time, by area of my life. Each of these is a stretch goal and I’ll measure myself by distance from goal achieved.


  1. Achieve and maintain a weight between 165-170 lbs. I think I’m probably healthiest/the most fit around there.
  2. Bench 315 and rep 225 for 15. I think it should be fairly doable with enough training.
  3. Run 3 miles at a 8:00 pace.
  4. Eat at least one meal a day free of processed food. That includes ramen, protein bars, etc.
  5. Never pull an all-nighter. Sleep at least 6 hours every night.
  6. Stop biting nails.


  1. Don’t leave anyone on delivered for more than a day.
  2. Be a better roommate — don’t get yelled at for anything.
  3. Get out of Berkeley with friends at least once every month during school.


  1. Never do homework the day it’s due. There’s not really an excuse for rushing homework.
  2. Read at least 36 books. Works out to a book every 10 days or so, which seems pretty reasonable.