Resolutions for 2021

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I have a poor record with New Year’s resolutions. I trust that nailing them to this site will keep me accountable (or, at very least, punish my failure with shame).

The Resolutions

  1. Put half my income each month in a savings account.
  2. Find a meaningful summer internship; start recruiting in March for the fall.
  3. Blog twice a month about my readings, projects, and thoughts.
  4. Read three books each month, exploring new subjects.
  5. Spend thirty minutes a day talking to family.
  6. Practice gratitude in my morning meditations.
  7. Stop biting my goddamn nails.
  8. Sleep on a consistent schedule, deviating at most once a week.
  9. Abandon Coke.
  10. Bench 225 for 10 reps.

Wish me luck.