About Me

Hi there! 👋 Thanks for dropping by.

Who Are You?

I’m Peter. I study computer science, economics, and ORMS at UC Berkeley with a minor in public policy.

What’s This?

This site is a portfolio, blog, and notebook. I set it up to practice turning thoughts into words. It’s become a way for me to share my ideas with others. Here’s some more about me:

What Do You Do?

My passion is building interesting, technical solutions to real-world problems. I am broadly interested in academic research, software development, strategy consulting, competitive debate, and data science. Previously, I conducted research on reproducibility, resilience dividends, cancer bioinformatics, and natural language processing. I’m a former debate coach at Bronx Science and brief writer at Premier Debate.

On campus, I’m a consultant, account manager, and senior advisor for Voyager Consulting. I study computational news slant under Ruiqi Zhong at Berkeley NLP and a variety of behavioral finance topics under Prof. Ulrike Malmendier. I direct tournaments for the Debate Society of Berkeley and teach CS 61A through CSM and course staff. Previously, I wrote for the Berkeley Economic Review and the Daily Californian.

Can We Talk?

Yes! Have a question or criticism? A cool data science idea? Want advice (no quality guarantees)? Message me on Facebook or shoot me an email.

What Do You Look Like?

Here’s a picture of me in my natural habitat. Thanks to Anjuman!