About Me

Hi there! 👋 Thanks for dropping by.

Who Are You?

A junior at UC Berkeley studying computer science, economics, and ORMS.

What’s This?

A portfolio, blog, and notebook. I set it up to practice turning thoughts into words. It’s become a way for me to share my ideas with others. Here’s some more about me:

What Do You Do?

Try to improve our decisions. I study the decisions we make as individuals and groups, and how machine learning can help. I’m broadly interested in behavioral economics, natural language processing, competitive debate, and data science.

On campus, I advise projects for Voyager Consulting. I study applications of language models for social science under Ruiqi Zhong at Berkeley NLP and a variety of behavioral economics topics in the Moore Accuracy Lab. I help organize competitions for the Debate Society of Berkeley and Traders at Berkeley. I offer advice through UPE and you can book my office hours here.

Previously, I conducted research on reproducibility, resilience dividends, cancer bioinformatics, and natural language processing. I’m a former debate coach at Bronx Science and former brief writer at Premier Debate. I spent stints writing for the Berkeley Economic Review and the Daily Californian. I used to teach CS 61A, Berkeley’s introductory Python course, through CSM and course staff.

Outside of school, I was trading intern at SIG this past summer and was a SWE intern at AWS the summer before.

Can We Talk?

Yes! Have a question or criticism? A cool data science idea? Want advice (no quality guarantees)? Book my Calendly, message me on Facebook, or shoot me an email.

What Do You Look Like?

Here’s a picture of me in my natural habitat. Thanks to Anjuman!

Last updated: 11/26/2022