Moore Accuracy Lab

Research, 09/2022— Present, Berkeley, CA

Assessing the accuracy and calibration of human judgements.

Berkeley AI Research

Research, 12/2021— Present, Berkeley, CA

Applying language models to social science research.

Uber Eats

Data Science, 09/2021—11/2021, Berkeley, CA

Segmented eaters to design promos and optimize conversion and retention.

Gates Foundation

Consulting, 09/2021—05/2022, Berkeley, CA

Advised landscaping study of substandard and falsified medicines in sub-Saharan Africa.

CS 61A Course Staff

Teaching, 06/2021—11/2021, Berkeley, CA

Taught sections and held office hours for an introductory Python course.

Amazon Web Services

Software Engineering, 06/2021—08/2021, Herndon, VA

Built a versatile, scalable customer notification tool for Route 53 service teams.

Volvo Cars

Consulting, 01/2021—05/2021, Berkeley, CA

Compiled and priced subscription-based car features through surveys and software development.

Bronx Science

Teaching, 09/2020—04/2021, Bronx, NY

Coached a debate team of 28 and judged at 18 tournaments.

Premier Debate

Product Management, 12/2018—08/2021, Los Angeles, CA

Wrote 42 topic briefings for high school debate and maintained company website.