CS 61A Course Staff

Teaching, 06/2021—11/2021, Berkeley, CA

I was a tutor during the Summer 2021 and fall 2021 sessions of CS 61A. Over the summer, I taught two sections of 6 students twice a week for 8 weeks; over the fall, I taught a section of 8 students once a week for 13 weeks. I prepared 12 slide decks for teaching topics, including data structures, object oriented programming, functional programming, regex, SQL, and more. Combined, I resolved over 100 total office hours tickets and taught over 40 sections.

Additionally, I assisted Pamela Fox each week with live lectures, answering questions in real time from 1,000 students. And, through Computer Science Mentors, I led the 61A content team to prepare 13 weekly worksheets for about 100 tutors.